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Harry Potter - Mystery Wands 30cm - The Professor Series: Blind Pack (1 Wand)

Each mystery pack contains one wand, of approximately 30cm, with a plastic base emblazoned with the Hogwarts School crest and the name of the wand wielder and fronted by with a die cast emblem specific to the wand's owner.

The possibilities are as follows:

  • - Professor Filius Flitwick with the Charms Class quill pen
  • - Professor Severus Snape with a potion cauldron
  • - Professor Pomona Sprout with a Mandrake
  • - Professor Sybil Trelawney with the Divination Crystal Ball
  • - Professor Albus Dumbledore (The Elder Wand) with Dumbledore's stair statue
  • - Professor Horace Slughorn with an hourglass
  • - Professor Alastor Moody with his magical eye
  • - Professor Minerva McGonagall with her Animagus feline form
  • - Professor Remus Lupin with the Boggart cupboard
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