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Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I use a gift card?

  • On the webshop: Add the products you wish to purchase to the cart, and go to checkout as normally.
    • Just below the section for choosing a payment method, you will find a field for entering a gift card code. Here you can write the code on the gift card.
    • The funds on the gift card will be automatically used to pay for the order, before you are asked to pay using the chosen payment method.
    • If there are not enough funds on the gift card to pay for the order, you will need to pay using the chosen payment method.
    • If you need to pay using more than one gift card, simply write in the comments field that you wish to do so, along with any further gift card codes that you wish to use beyond the first. We will manually adjust the payment when we process the order.
  • In the store: The gift card can also be used in our store on Ahlgade 10, 4300 Holbæk or at Krebshuset on Ringstedvej 87, 4180 Sorø. During payment, just hand over the gift card to the employee at the desk.
  • If there are any funds left on the gift card after a transaction, the rest of the amount can be used during a later transaction, using the methods described above.

Which types of shipping do you offer?
The following options are available for shipments to Danish addresses:
- Letter (PostNord): The cheapest shipping methods for smaller orders, such as single trading cards or a few booster packs. A letter shipment is neither tracked nor insured, and it can have a longer delivery time than packages (normally 1-5 days). Letters are not necessarily shipped in envelopes, and we always make sure to package the shipment responsibly!
- QuickBrev (QuickLetter, PostNord): Just like letter shipment, but it reaches the destination within 1-2 workdays.
- Parcel, Pickup (PostNord or GLS): The shipment is insured and trackable. Within 1-2 workdays of being shipped, the package can be collected at a pick-up point in the vicinity of the delivery address. If you do not choose a pickup point yourself, it will be chosen by PostNord/GLS.
- Parcel, Home Delivery (PostNord or GLS): The shipment is insured and trackable. Within 1-2 workdays of being shipped, PostNord or GLS will attempt to deliver the shipment at the delivery address. If this is not possible (ie. because nobody is home), the the package can be collected at a pick-up point in the vicinity of the delivery address, chosen by PostNord/GLS.
- Business Parcel (GLS): If you have chosen a business address as your shipping address, you will be able to choose Business Parcel - this allows for cheaper shipping to your workplace with all of the benefits of regular parcel shipping!

In which condition are your single trading cards and other products?
- Single trading cards are in the condition "Near Mint" unless otherwise specified in the name of the product.
- Other products sold by us are new, unused and unopened, unless otherwise specified in the name of the product.
- In special cases, certain products can be put on sale due to broken or damaged condition. This will be specified in the name of the product.

If I buy a product, will I get exactly what is on the product image?
In most cases, the answer will be "yes".
However, product images have often been sent by manufacturers or suppliers, so please be aware of the following:
- Graphics: Some images are only logos or placeholder images, and do not show an actual product.
- Updates: Images are subject to change between the time of entering the product on the webstore and the delivery of the actual product, for example if the packaging of a product is updated.
- Variations: Some images show only a single variation of the product, whereas other images show multiple variations of the same product. Unless otherwise specified, you are ordering a single product that may have a variation not pictured on the product image.
- Accessories: Some images show accessories that are not included.
- Edition: Some cards for certain card games exist in both a "1st Edition" and a normal or "unlimited" edition. If you are buying a specific version, that will be specified in the name or description of the product - otherwise we will send you the edition that is most readily available, in order to prevent longer processing times!
If you absolutely need a specific edition of a certain card, then please send us an e-mail about the matter! Then we will investigate the possibility of bringing in the cards in that specific version, and will enter it as a separate product on the webstore if available.

What is your stock status and delivery time?
We try our best to ship all orders within 1-10 days after received payment, and most orders are delivered within 1-2 workdays!
Some orders can have a longer delivery time. This is the case because we don't keep 100% of our catalogue in stock - but that also makes our low prices and enormous range of products possible!

Why are some prices struckthrough? Is every item on sale?
- If a product has two prices, among which one is struckthrough, it usually indicates that our selling price is lower than the suggested retail price provided by the manufacturer or distributor. By itself, this does not indicate that an item is on a specific or otherwise timed sale.
- If the name of an item contains the word *Sale*, then the item is on a sale - otherwise not. Most items on a sale are in stock - but there is a risk of stock errors, there is no guarantee that we can deliver larger quantities, and the price only lasts while stock lasts.

When are your opening hours?
Krebshuset in Sorø (with our office) open Monday through Friday 10 -18 (10 AM to 6 PM), Saturday 10-16 (10 AM to 4 PM) and Sunday 10-14 (10 AM to 2 PM).
The store in Holbæk is open Monday through Friday 10-18 (10 AM to 6 PM) and Saturday 10-16 (10 AM to 4 PM).

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